Nightcap Roleplay is a Serious FiveM Server where we believe that Roleplay matters!


We are a semi-whitelisted economy server with multiple jobs as well as business opportunities for players who can prove they are committed!


Applications for EMS as well as Police are open.

For those of you who like to live on the other side of the law, gangs are also actively recruiting.

Some things you'll find in our city

-Dedicated and professional staff that listens to players and strives to do what's best for the community!

-A well running drug system that promotes roleplay! 

-Player owned housing with interiors as well as a furniture UI so that players can decorate as they please!

-A plethora of MLOs as well as the open mindedness of the dev team to add more for RP and business use!

-Add-on cars being implemented as the player base grows and demand is met!

-The city is consistently being worked on to ensure fresh things from time to time!


check us out!